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Be Blunt With Your Husband About Your Own Feelings

Regardless of whether your husband directly told you that his feelings changed or you are just reading between the lines of his words and behavior, you have to make it clear to him that you are still very much invested in the marriage. Often times what happens in a marriage is one person will start to feel a distance between them and their spouse and in turn, they will pull back as well. If you've been preoccupied with many things excluding your husband, he may have pulled back from you because he began to feel too vulnerable. It's a defense mechanism that many men have. When they start to sense that their wife is disconnecting from them, they do the same out of fear that the end of the marriage is inevitable.

You must express to your husband that in spite of everything else that is happening within your life, you still love and adore buy facebook picture likes him. Explain to him that when it comes to your life's priority list that he's at the very top. It's vitally important that you stress to him that you value the marriage above everything else. This will help him comprehend your everlasting commitment to him.

Ask Him What He Needs and Wants From the Marriage

Reading your husband's mind isn't always going to prove successful. Generally it's nothing more than an exercise in futility for most women. Your husband obviously has wants and needs within the marriage and unless you full understand what those are, you're not going to be able to fulfill them to the best of your ability.

Sit down with your spouse and talk candidly about what both of you need from the marriage. It's wise for you to focus on what he needs first as this will give him the opportunity to open up before he hears about what you feel is lacking within the marriage. Be certain to praise him for everything he has done and for all the positive attributes he brings to your relationship, family and life.

A conversation like this can prove very difficult for a couple who is struggling in their marriage but it's going to be the base for all the growth that is to come. Unless you two are completely and utterly honest about what you each need and want from the other, the marriage will continue to suffocate in a stagnant place.

Spend More Time Working on Your Marriage

In order to rebuild the love between you and your husband you absolutely must ensure that you two are spending as much time together as possible. Obviously, there are many other responsibilities that you each have to shoulder but your marriage, at this point, has to be the most important thing in your life.

Try to devote time on a daily basis just to one another. If you have small children, it's best to work at being alone once they have gone to bed or when they're at school. You may need to rework your schedules a bit to coincide better with one another, but this is a sacrifice that will be well worth it in the long run.

Also, treat your husband exactly the same way you want to be treated. Tell him you love and adore him often and do whatever you can to make his life enjoyable, calm and less stressful. When he feels and sees that you're putting in extra effort to make certain he's happy, that will instantly help him feel a stronger connection to you.

As women we all want to believe that our love is unlike any other. When we meet and fall head over heels for a guy we hold onto the belief that he feels exactly the same way. Most men are a bit hesitant to show everything that is going on in their hearts and mind. They hold back so it's up to us to read between the lines. Fortunately there are some signs that always indicate that a man is wild about a woman. If you spot any or all six of these in your own relationship, you should have absolutely no doubt about how much your man really does adore and cherish you.

Here are five signs that your man really does love you:

He's completely transparent about his life. When a man is in love he'll want the woman he adores to know everything about him. He'll be more than willing to share everything that is going on in his life. He doesn't hide his cell phone from you and he isn't making excuses for why you can't meet his family and friends. His life is an open book and he talks endlessly about everything including his work and hopes for the future.

He loves being physically close to you. For men the bond between physical and emotional intimacy is a strong one. If your guy is wild about you, he'll want to be close to you always. He'll reach to hold your hand and he'll give you a warm embrace each time he sees you. Often, a man in love will prefer to sit next to his woman as opposed to across from her. The physical closeness is very important to him.

He'll look directly into your eyes. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They also say a great deal about where a person's heart is. If your boyfriend stares into your eyes as he's speaking with you, he's investing himself emotionally in you. He wants to connect with you on a deeper level.

Your opinion matters more than his. When a man is deeply interested in a woman he'll allow her to make decisions that he'd normally prefer to make. For instance, if you two are planning an evening together and he wants to dine at a particular restaurant but you have a craving for different cuisine, he'll automatically make a reservation where you'd prefer. The small details in life will matter less to him and keeping you happy will matter much more.

You are number one on his priority list. When a man is in love with a woman he'll make her his top priority. He'll drop everything when she calls and he'll make buy facebook followers every effort to see her when she requests it. She never feels pushed aside in favor of anyone or anything else. He tells her that she's the most important person in his life and he means it.

Recognizing any of these signs in your own relationship should give you more confidence in your boyfriend's love for you. Remember that just because he may not be saying how much he adores you, his actions can tell you everything you need to know.